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Environmental factors such as pollution, dust, smoke and dirt can cause irritation to our eyes. Plus the stress of modern living, our eyes too can become dry and tired through prolonged reading, driving, computer usage or air-conditioned environments.

Eye Mo is the leading and trusted brand in Malaysia for over 25 years. Manufactured under stringent bacteria-free conditions, it always ensures consistent quality. Eye Mo is specially formulated to be just like natural tears so that it is gentle on eyes.

The range of eye care solutions Eye Mo has to offer are :

Eye Mo Drops has mild antiseptic and astringent properties to sooth and relieve eye irritation fast. It is for eye irritation due to foreign particles such as dust or smoke.

Eye Mo Moist formulated with HPMC a wetting agent that retains moisture in the eyes, moisturises and refreshes eyes which have become dry and tired through reading or working long hours in front of a computer. Exposure to wind or air-conditioning can cause dryness of the eyes.

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